Ride On

Sepideh B •  Iran  •  27


I remember when I was a teenage girl, I had a keen interest in sour foods and cycling. One day, I was walking down a street, where I saw our neighbor's son and I asked him for his bike. He was taller than me, so I got a little tired while trying to get on the bike. I went home after that and went to the bathroom. I saw my clothes all bloody and I was scared. Maybe I had a hard ride on the bike?

Sepideh B First Period Story

We went to a party the next day and I had a little discharge. We went back home and I was still in pain. I suddenly got a pain in my abdomen and vagina, you couldn't believe it! I ate a whole lot of sour food in hopes of recovery!!

I went to my home, still in pain. I went to the bathroom again, and wow again blood! I told my mom and she hugged me and kissed me, "Oh you got your period!" l knew about periods before, but l had very different idea about it all. But it happened!

Now, l am a midwife and l hope that I can educate all girls about periods.

Sepideh B First Period Stories