PFF (Period Friend Forever)

Michelle W •  Oklahoma  •  15


So this is more like a girl code story, but don't go away yet. It was my second period, and it wasn't regular yet. In 4th hour I felt like I had started, so next hour, during lunch, I went to check. Sure enough, there it was. I had been wearing a pad so I would be prepared.

Michelle W First Period Story

I told my friend, who had her period before and it was regular. I asked her for a pad, but since she wasn't on hers, she didn't have any. So during lunch, she gave me her jacket and went to the nurses office.

She pretended she was on her period, even though there were a bunch of guys in the office, just to get me the stuff I needed. If that isn't true friendship, I don't know what is.

Michelle W First Period Story

Ride On

Sepideh B •  Iran  •  27


I remember when I was a teenage girl, I had a keen interest in sour foods and cycling. One day, I was walking down a street, where I saw our neighbor's son and I asked him for his bike. He was taller than me, so I got a little tired while trying to get on the bike. I went home after that and went to the bathroom. I saw my clothes all bloody and I was scared. Maybe I had a hard ride on the bike?

Sepideh B First Period Story

We went to a party the next day and I had a little discharge. We went back home and I was still in pain. I suddenly got a pain in my abdomen and vagina, you couldn't believe it! I ate a whole lot of sour food in hopes of recovery!!

I went to my home, still in pain. I went to the bathroom again, and wow again blood! I told my mom and she hugged me and kissed me, "Oh you got your period!" l knew about periods before, but l had very different idea about it all. But it happened!

Now, l am a midwife and l hope that I can educate all girls about periods.

Sepideh B First Period Stories

Death By Period

Rachel M •  New South Wales, Australia  •  33


I may be considered a late bloomer as it was a week before my 17th birthday when I finally got my period. I was an avid reader of Dolly and assumed I knew everything and was somewhat prepared as I particularly loved reading the stories covered in Dolly Doctor… WOW was I wrong!

I went to the toilet, pain free - just to do a wee and as I was cleaning up, I noticed the toilet paper covered in blood. I screamed! I honestly thought I was about to breathe my last breath. I remember thinking that that was too much blood to be a period and obviously something inside me had ruptured and death was inevitable. Tears were streaming down my face. As educated as I thought I was - I had no idea what was happening.

Rachel M First Period Story

Mum found me in an emotional mess, slumped on the toilet. I told her to call an ambulance and she told me 'congratulations darling, you have your period.' She handed me a tampon. I looked at it... what the f@#k am I meant to do with that? (insert awesome teenage attitude) I out right refused to insert anything inside me because I could not wrap my head around that at all at that stage. Then I was given a pad. I was more comfortable with that idea. I placed it on my undies, pulled them up and cried even more as it felt like I had an inflatable mattress between my legs.

And that was MY first period story.

Rachel M First Period Stories