Period Sunday

Catherine  •   California  •  28


I was 11 and it was Easter Sunday. My mom made me wear a white dress! I didn’t tell her what happened until it was time to leave for church.

Catherine First Period Story

I refused to wear it and an hour later and lots of tears later, I finally told her what was up and she let me wear something else and she gave me the largest box of pads!

Catherine First Period Stories

Pain & Shame

Kat D.  •   Connecticut  •  14


I honestly don't remember much about it besides being in CVS. But I can tell you it was extremely painful and heavy to the point where I was throwing up and incapacitated. When I was about 12, I was taken to the hospital because of excruciating pain my lower left abdomen. I was taken in pretty quickly because they thought it was appendicitis, but an ultrasound showed a 2.5 centimeter cyst of my ovary.

My periods continued to be hell and rendering me to a crying ball in the nurses office at school or on the couch. I constantly had the pain of an ovarian cyst, which I was told either goes unnoticed or is as painful as childbirth. 

Kat D First Period Story

I saw my doctor for a sore throat and I mentioned my painful periods, so she suggested birth control. My mom was very reluctant because at that time, I was about 13 and she didn't like the idea of a 13 year old on the pill. So yeah, birth control is so stigmatized that my mom didn't let me take something that could make my pain a lot better just because I was young.

I'm fourteen now and went on the pill last April because mom was getting tired of picking me up from school because I was in extreme pain and vomiting. It helped so much. I just wish that I could have done something before so I didn't have to go through all that pain.

Kat D First Period Stories

Happy V Day!

Emma F.  •   Maryland  •  12


I woke up this morning (Valentine’s Day 2019) and got in the shower. When I was changing out of my clothes, it looked like there was dark brown blood and I thought I had pooped myself (lmao) and that it was red from the red velvet cake I ate yesterday.

Emma F First Period Stories

Later, before I went to school, I used the bathroom (thank god) and I saw blood everywhere. I freaked out, snatched a pad and didn’t tell my mom until after school. Oof.

Emma F First Period Stories