How to Tell Parents About your Period

Shreya P  •  New York  •  17


I was in 5th grade and just learned what a period was. One morning I went to the bathroom and saw a small brown stain. In my family, no one talked about periods. My only knowledge was from school.

Shreya P First Period Story

And so, I watched tons of videos on how to tell your parents that you got your period because I was THAT embarrassed about it. Until I had the nerve to tell my mom a few days later, I survived on toilet paper that was changed hourly :((

Shreya P First Period Stories

Bloody Baptism

Sarah W  •  South Carolina  •  14


So I was getting baptized on Easter, and right before I went out into the water I had to pee like really bad. So I went to the bathroom and saw blood and freaked out because i didn’t have any supplies.

Sarah W First Period Story

I stuffed some toilet paper in my underwear and went out. Like 30 seconds after I got in the water, my pastor looked at me weird. I looked over and saw the bloody tissue floating in the water.

Sarah W First Period Stories

Periods are Kind of a Big Deal

Jemimah M  •  Oslo, Norway  •  17


I had my period when I was 10 years old and it was after I took a shower and saw blood stains in my underwear. I was so confused, but my mom had told me what it was.

Jemimah M First Period Story

As a South Asian girl, menstruation is a big deal and let’s just say my whole family knew within just a few hours.

Jemimah M First Period Stories