The World is Testing Me

Elizabeth B •  England  •  14


So I was setting up for my SAT exam, little 10 year old me, and I felt this sudden urge to pee. So as you do, I went to pee just before the exam started.

Elizabeth B First Period Story

Sadly though, it wasn't the normal yellowy clear stuff you normally piss out. Instead, there lay a massive puddle of blood... everywhere.

Elizabeth B first period stories

2 for 1 Gifts

Allicia •  Hampshire, England  •  14


Last year, on April 17th, it was my birthday. Sadly I was at school on that day, but my friends let me have fun. At lunch break, I stole my friend's bag and started running around. Suddenly I felt a gush from my stomach.

Allicia First Period Story

I thought I had pissed myself a little. So I sat down and gave her the bag. I got home and RAN to the toilet. Happy birthday 13 year old me, you got presents AND a period.

Allicia First Period Stories

Toilet Trauma

FC •  England  •  20


I went to the toilet before bed and that's when it came. Unfortunately I was more concerned about bowel cancer than starting my period so that's what first came to mind until I realized where exactly the blood was coming from.

FC first period story

Most of my periods have started on the toilet ever since!

FC First Period Stories