Fake It To Make It

Addi S •  Illinois  •  13


Okay so basically, when I was 11 I was the stupid young girl that thought it would be cool to have a period. So I actually waited and hoped that I would get it. One day I started having cramps and when I sat down on the toilet, I bled. Long story short, my mom told me I got my period and I thought I did. However for the next few months I never got anything again, so I kinda faked it for a year.

Addi S First Period Story

When I was 12, I actually got it for the first time and freaked out. Of course, I couldn’t tell my mom because she thought I had had it for a year. So needless to say while I faked it I had only used those teeny tiny liners because I didn’t actually need anything but now I needed to use pads, and big ones for overnight.

I think my mom was a little confused when I insisted that we had to go to the store to get a bunch of bog pads all of the sudden, but she didn’t ask questions. Now I hate my period and I wonder why I thought it would be cool.

Addi S First Period Stories