An A+ Best Friend

Taia M •  Ohio  •  13


Well, my story is pretty embarrassing. I was sitting doing state testing in 7th grade and I felt something wet come out of me. I thought I just peed or something like that, but when I got up a pool of blood was on my chair.

Taia M First Period Story

My crush was right behind me and my teacher was a male. My best friend got me a towel and I wiped it up before anyone (that I know of) saw it. Then my bestie also gave me her cardigan to put around my waist. <3

Taia M First Period Stories

Showered in Blood

Channy M •  Ohio  •  18


So I was getting ready to go in the shower and I started to wipe. It was kinda brown and I thought it was a wet fart type of situation, but no...

Channy M First Period Story

Once I got out of the shower, blood was just everywhere. Then I knew that it was my period.

Channy M First Period Stories

Support System

Anonymous (submitted by a friend) •  Chennai, India  •  23


I am a man. I don’t have any experience but i’ll share my friend’s story that was shared with me.

My friend is a muslim girl and she was very close to her grandmother. The day she passed away was her first bleeding found by her mom. The thing is, family members wouldn't even allow her to see her grandma before the last moment.

First Period Stories

So her mother gave access to her. She kept her with her and finally made her day complete. In a random community, people still have humanity. For your first bleed, you should always have pride. It’s not unclean or a crime. I love to be a son of women in the world.

First Period Stories